What is modern Hamptons style?

Chances are you’ve heard of the Hamptons design trend – after all, this style has been around for centuries, merging classic country with coastal chic for easy-breezy living.

But what exactly does this style look like in 2021? We break down today’s top modern Hamptons trends.

Light and bright over blue-and-white

Traditionally, Hamptons style draws on coastal cues when it comes to colours, with crisp whites contrasting against nautical blues. These days, however, designers are getting more creative with the colour palette. 

Neutral and whitewashed tones help to evoke a sense of calm tranquillity the moment one steps inside: we’re talking soft whites and greys, warm sandy hues, earthy yellow-based tans, and muted aquatic shades such as duck egg blue and mint green. 

For a contemporary twist, statement dark accents have become a common feature – think pops of black, deep navy or rich chocolate brown. 

A balance of soft and hard materials

While natural textures such as jute, rattan, timber and linen remain staples in the modern Hamptons home, other materials have now woven their way into play. 

Marble, stone, brushed metal, polished concrete and ceramic surfaces help to offset the softness and warmth of more traditional textures. Meanwhile, coastal-inspired materials such as seagrass wallpaper and driftwood features bring the outdoors in. 

Light-streamed spaces to soak up that sunshine

Sunlight-flooded rooms remain a fundamental element of the Hamptons style. While big windows are the obvious choice to achieve this, there are multiple ways to maximise natural light in a modern way. 

Consider how you dress your windows and opt for some bespoke floor to ceiling curtains and sheers in a relaxed and neutral palette. Alternatively if you are aiming for more of a Classic Hamptons look the use of plantation shutters compliments many window designs and also adds privacy to your home.

Lush furniture featuring sculptural details

Modern Hamptons style is all about luxurious comfort, making furniture choices a key element of the design process. Where rugged furniture pays homage to traditional Hamptons design, there’s always room to explore your options with custom designed and made pieces.

Spacious and soft sofas are ideal, allowing you and your guests to sink into a sea of sumptuous fabric and unique scatter cushions. Sofas should be comfortable but also positioned in the room to allow easy traffic flow and everyday seating. There are a range of different sofa shapes that could work in your space including curved, jellybean, modular and more.

Compliment your sofa with a pair of coordinating occasional chairs, tailored to suit the room and overall design scheme. Designs from tub chairs with swivel bases to larger 1.5 seater armchairs can be adapted to suit the space and can be arranged in a way as to foster conversation and entertainment. 

Layered patterns and textures 

Although the traditional Hamptons style generally feature blues and whites a more Modern Try pairing romantic florals with strong lines, classic gingham with delicate pinstripes, or French-inspired fleur de lis motifs with bold stripes. 

The best way to mix patterns in your Hamptons home is with your textiles – from couch cushions to bedsheets to bath towels. This allows you to modify your interiors later down the track without too much effort. 

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