The three essential elements to a modern Hamptons style

Since its emergence in Long Island during the 1600s, the Hamptons style has evolved from hardy utilitarian designs to coastal sophistication that oozes rest and relaxation. One thing remains certain, however: this is a style consistently embraced by homeowners, decade after decade.   

At the heart of Hamptons design today are three key elements that pay homage to those early roots. Let’s take a look.

1. Open spaces with lashings of light

Sunlight-streamed spaces are synonymous with Modern Hamptons style. The idea is to embrace a light, bright and breezy lifestyle that echoes the free-flowing approach of beachside living. 

An abundance of gorgeous sunlight permeating each room instantly signifies modern Hamptons style. Large windows that make up entire walls are a great way to achieve this.

You will also see vaulted and trussed ceilings, these architectural aspects are a key feature of the classic Hamptons style, allowing your interior spaces to feel light and bright within the home.

The classic Hamptons style also features a connection from the interior to the exterior, allowing sunshine to beam into your home. There is always a connection from the internal living out into the alfresco or balcony space, this creates an ease of living and flow in your home.

While Classic Hamptons is typical of these light and bright spaces, a more Modern touch can be achieved through the use of wall lights and sconces, industrial themed lamps and feature hanging pendants. Pairs these feature pieces with the angles and lines in your architecture and you will create a sophisticated and cohesive interior scheme. 

2. Comfortable and functional living

Though Hamptons style certainly interweaves elements of luxe, the idea is to evoke a sense of utter relaxation. To achieve this, modern interiors focus on a timeless blend of comfort with a sense of enduring beauty and indulgence.

The living room should focus on comfort, with custom designed sofas and plush scatter cushions to complete the look. To tie the space together hand tufted rugs can be introduced, the design reflecting back into the fabrics and shapes used within the room. This creates a luxurious look with a comfortable and balanced feel.

The dining space has many elements which can you influenced by the Hamptons style, from a gorgeous bespoke Parquetry table through to complimenting Australian made dining chairs. These pieces should reflect the architecture of the home and work in unison with the living room right through to the outdoor spaces. Creating that functional and comfortable interior while encapsulating the Hamptons elements.

Perfect pieces to add a Hamptons feel to your home include plush and overstuffed cushions in an array of textures and patterns, signature bed heads in the bedrooms, adding a more luxurious touch to the space. Blanket boxes and chic wooden trunks can also be used within your interior and link back to that more classical Hamptons style.

3. Emphasis on the great outdoors

Modern Hamptons style is all about celebrating our environment: those cherished outdoor spaces that help us connect with nature. Hence, a few laidback-yet-luxurious zones for outdoor living are key.

Relaxing on the verandah is a quintessential Australian way of life, and both the Classic and Modern Hamptons homes are no exception. The interior spaces should balance and coordinate with the exterior of your home and create a comfortable and sophisticated space for you and your family to enjoy.

Many modern Hamptons homes feature outdoor food prep spaces that flow seamlessly from the interior dining space. A pizza oven, barbecue and bar fridge all make for a luxe alfresco dining experience.

Within this space the use of timber or wicker sofa sets with a classic whitewash or Oak finish are typical of the Hamptons style, paired this with a daybed or outdoor chaise lounge and you create the perfect sense of understated luxury. Creating spaces to rest and relax is key to the Hamptons way of living, focus on this relaxation aspect and keep this space very easy living.

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