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Luxury furniture designer and interior designer, Mark Alexander is renowned for his custom-made, classic, contemporary, and Art Deco designs. Mark’s full design service is centred around high-end interiors coupled with hand-crafted furniture. Throughout this process, he combines luxury, functionality, style and creativity to create pieces which are nothing other than works of art. Under the direction of Mark, you can expect to furnish your home with every manner of magnificently designed sofas, tables, chairs, wall units, cabinets, bedroom furniture and much more. Throughout the design process, you will have a full and thorough consultation with Mark so that he can accurately assess your personal tastes, lifestyle, and home.

Our Process

Mark Alexander offers the full design treatment. Following your consultation, you will receive fully customised hand-sketched concepts, design drawings and a scale floor plan for your home. Should you choose to invest in custom luxury furniture, you can expect the same personal and individual attention.

Mark’s process begins with an introductory consultation. From inside your home, he is able to immerse himself in your personality and capture your imagination. Everything from timeframes and client expectation will come into these introductory discussions and inform the rest of the process. Our proposal will come complete with a cost estimate and once you have accepted the proposal the creative process begins.

With a meticulous planning and design process, Mark’s ensures that you have been listened to and fully understood because your needs are always top-of-mind for him. You will be led through the creative process with sketches, the finest quality fabric swatches, and examples of the finishes. This process ensures that your personal style and needs are fully captured and accurately represented within your home.

During the production phase of the project, the combined vision for your home and furniture begin to take shape. In this time Mark keeps a close eye on the manufacture for your furniture to ensure that not a single detail is missed.

In the final phase of Mark process, your furniture is put through one last quality check before it is delivered to your home. With clear installation guidelines regarding placement and styling, your home will be transformed with what may seem like the wave of a wand. With that the process is complete and so is your home.

Mark Alexander Design

Mark Alexander’s design artistry is rooted in Art Deco, European classic and Modern contemporary styling. Alongside these design staples, you can expect to see a nod to French, Neoclassic, Victorian and Italian influences amongst others.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Mark is not bound by the latest trends; instead, he draws on his vast imagination, creative obsession with luxury, quality, timeless style and the cues his customers give him. Through his attention to detail, he ensures that each element, of each piece of furniture, is carefully curated and meticulously handcrafted. Mark’s portfolio is a testament to his exceptional skill and expertise.

Luxury Finishes

Every aspect of Mark Alexander’s furniture radiates luxury. Choose one-of-a-kind sofas and chairs covered in fabrics from the most celebrated European, Australian and international brands, personally selected by Mark Alexander for you. You can select your favourite fabric from a range of luxurious patterns and textures to give your rooms depth.

For luxury tables, cabinets, wall units and other wooden furniture, Mark uses only the most exotic timbers with some specialised fine timber veneers such as flame mahogany, burl walnut, maple, rosewood and Macassar ebony. When it comes to solid timers, Mark designs spectacular pieces crafted from Oak European beech, Mahogany, Walnut and Australian native timbers amongst others. You can choose from a range of finishes such as wooden inlay, parquetry or intricate carving.

When it comes to the finishing touches – such as the metal details – you can choose from, stainless steel, brass, bronze, silver, copper and rose gold. For his French-inspired pieces, gilding and polishing is available in any colour finish, including the traditional French polishing style and luxury gold gild finish. Mark’s penchant for detail, luxury and meticulous design leaves nothing to chance, your furniture is finished to the highest standard only.

Enduring Quality

Mark Alexander ensures that each item of furniture is thoroughly manufactured to the highest quality. Mark oversees every single step of the process from consultation, conceptualisation and design, right through to manufacture. Through this process, Mark is able to make sure that each piece of furniture that passes through his hands, is made to last.

Local and international master craftsmen closely work with Mark on each design, all while conducting quality control checks along the way. After such a precise design process, there’s no point in letting the quality slip during the last step. This exacting manufacturing process and Mark’s heritage in furniture manufacture and quality control of his own factory over the last 30 years ensures that your individual pieces exceed your expectations, and your family will be able to enjoy your one-of-a-kind furniture for years to come.

Unique, Individual Furniture Items

More than ensuring each piece is conceptualised, finished and manufactured to only the highest standard, Mark designs each piece specifically with you in mind. Your personal style, lifestyle, family and home all need to be taken into account. For luxury furniture that is a piece-of-art.

More than a comprehensive consultation, Mark Alexander designs each item to your required dimensions and needs. Each item has to fit into your home perfectly. Items made too small, too large or just not to the right configuration simply do not have the desired effect once installed in your home.

Mark goes so far as to specify all the precise details with our custom made Australian made sofas for the perfect seat depth, lumbar support and armrest height amongst other details, your sofa and chairs can be is made to your exact specifications, and the same goes for each and every other piece of furniture which Mark Alexander designs. You can expect your tables, cabinets, wall units and other items to be made to fit your home with the same precision. Such an eye for detail ensures that Mark’s finesse and refinement shine through in every design.

Mark Alexander is based in Melbourne, and he consults in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Ballarat and many other locations Australia wide and Internationally. Offering a complete range of professional design services, Mark specialises in high-end interiors and handcrafted luxury furniture. Whether you are after the full design package or only his iconic, designer furniture, Mark’s personal touch will transform your house into a one-of-a-kind luxury home.

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