European Classic Extravagance

Italian Interior

This was a home of gifted people, one an artisan of paintings and the other of numbers. It took a finesse of fine detail and perfection at intricate levels to express and exceed expectations. With the trust of all of us working together to deliver a Italianist Rococo, French, Roman Empire fusion extravaganza.

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Break the rules and remove all limitations to create a unique fusion of classic European styles, drawing from Italian, Rococo, French and Roman Empire, to create a truly glamorous and timeless interior. Mark Alexander was blessed by working with these artisan homeowners to create their dream abode. Many classic European styles work together to create a personal, lively home of opulence and grandeur.

Fine details can be found in even the smallest of spaces in the home, from the handcrafted tables to the lighting and fine, detailed bespoke finishes. Lavish lighting adorns each room and focuses the eye. The stunning blend of fabrics and wallpaper were personally chosen by Mark Alexander and loved by the homeowners. The furniture was handcrafted and made of plush, fine materials that give elegance and comfort to every room. The overall palette drew inspiration from European palaces. The curves in the patterned wallpapers and rugs match the curves of the furniture to blend all of the designs together, creating a beautiful fusion of European extravagance.

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