The ultimate room-by-room guide to modern Hampton design

The general elements that make up Modern Hamptons design are light-filled spaces, neutral and whitewashed colours, a mixture of textures and patterns – however it would also be useful to understand how exactly this style can change throughout the different rooms in your home. 

Here, we share some insights into how to create a Contemporary Hamptons design in various spaces of the home. 

Open kitchens with classic, clean lines and contemporary touches

Given that Hamptons living is all about easy entertaining, the kitchen is a major focal point that requires serious design attention. 

  • Kitchen islands. To maximise space and introduce more seating, a kitchen island is an idyllic option. Serve cheese and wine to your guests sitting atop custom made bar stools or your very own breakfast nook to the side
  • Shaker-style cabinetry. One feature that retains a more classic look in the Modern Hamptons home is the kitchen cabinets. Think white recessed panels featuring clean-line designs and dovetail joints. 
  • Brushed metal or matte black tapware. Balance your classic cabinetry with contemporary statement hardware. Brushed gold, copper or steel exude elegance, while matte black offers chic sophistication.

Dining rooms made for easy, free-flowing entertainment

Keeping the theme of entertaining means the dining room requires a balance  between both style and functionality. 

  • Elongated timber tables. A long, narrow dining table in a light-toned timber radiates images of holiday lunches in style.
  • Uncluttered tabletops. Avoid the temptation of tablecloths, placemats or table runners and instead, embrace the natural beauty of your dining table.
  • Upholstered dining chairs. Plush fabric chairs are quintessentially Hamptons.
  • Natural rugs with coastal flavours. Zone off your dining area from the rest of your open-plan living by laying a luxury, high-pile rug underneath your table. 

Oversized living room furniture with contrasting patterns and textures

In a true Hamptons home, your living room will flow freely from your kitchen and dining areas, offering a succession from mealtime to the opportunity to rest and relax.  

  • Sofas you can sink into. Large, sumptuous sofas featuring luxuriant fabrics are key. L-shaped couches are ideal for allowing more room to lie back, and curved lounges can introduce shape without compromising on size. 
  • Scatter cushions in mixed patterns. By keeping your couches neutral, you have the opportunity to introduce colour and patterns in your cushions. 
  • Coffee tables that play with textures. Whether you prefer the warmth of rustic timber or the clean lines of elegant glass tops, a coffee table acts to anchor your living room space. Balance things out by introducing a few complementary textures that contribute to the overall finish you wish to achieve.  

Bedrooms that focus on luxurious comfort and natural materials

Modern Hamptons homes place a big emphasis on rest and relaxation, therefore your bedrooms should maximise comfort wherever possible.

  • Organic bedsheets. Dress your beds with silky smooth sheets in organic materials such as bamboo or linen, which are ideal for offering natural insulation. Layer plain shades of oatmeal, classic white or duck egg blue, and save the patterns for your cushions.  
  • Romantic seating. Find opportunities to introduce places of rest beyond the bed – whether that’s a window seat, chaise lounge, pair of occasional chairs or upholstered ottoman/bench seat at the foot of the bed.
  • Upholstered headboards. A fabric studded or pintuck bedhead radiates Hamptons chic, offering a classic and stylish focal point that amplifies softness and comfort. 

Bright, airy bathrooms that combine minimalism with glossy textures

The key to a modern Hamptons bathroom is to keep things refined and clutter-free, with a focus on detail. 

  • Freestanding bath or shower. As the highlight of your bathroom, the bathtub or shower should act as a standalone piece. 
  • Floating vanity. By elevating your vanity off the floor, you create the illusion of more space, which creates an immediate sense of calm. 
  • Intricate tile details. While the big players listed above should remain clean, white and minimal, your bathroom tiling is your opportunity to get creative. Glossy, reflective flooring offers high-end appeal, while marble surfaces and mosaic tiles give your bathroom a pop of difference. Classic Hamptons style includes neutral tones while contemporary Hamptons offers room for more colour to be introduced. 

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