What Are the Key Elements of Interior Design?

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In its truest form, interior design transforms your home from simply liveable into a true living artwork, spaces in which we can thrive. Living spaces inform our mood, our ability to unwind, and our sense of wellbeing, which is why beautiful and practical homes are what we strive for. Whether your personal style is contemporary, minimalist or veering towards the more ostentatious, achieving the most fitting design for your home is reliant on incorporating the key elements of interior design into your concept. There are a few things at play, design principles such as colour, form, light, line pattern, texture, and space. And Mark Alexander’s knowledge and versatility brings even more to the table.


Breathtaking Furniture

Modern Contemporary influence

On entering any home, we often notice the furniture first. We absorb the shape, style, fabric, texture, pattern, colour, amongst other aspects of the furniture design. Perhaps unconsciously, these design elements affect how we feel about the item and whether we love it or loathe it. Comfort and quality become clearer as we draw closer. Handmade and custom designed furniture meets all these criteria, it is well thought out, and each design element is balanced, thus complementing the next element. For longevity, the piece must be well made and wear well. Luxury furniture is nothing if not lasting.

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The best furniture is designed for you and your home alone. When each item is perfectly sketched, planned, produced and placed the entire home is showcased, and the nuances of the unique furniture design can be fully appreciated. Within each interior space, an interior designer will find the perfect design and position for your one-of-a-kind furniture items. This leads to breathtaking results and flaunts every design element for you to relish within your very own home.


Luxury Finishes

Classic inspired statement homes

Without a complex layering of visual art, all the effort involved in producing distinctive, unique items of furniture is likely lost. The act of overlaying carefully curated curtains, wallpaper, carpets, flooring, and artwork makes a house a home. These accoutrements are the best way to tie together colours, textures, shapes, lines, form, light, patterns, and space into the overall design aesthetic. Through repetition and harmonising, the furniture transforms from a stylish house into inspired artistry.


Indulgent Design

Opulent Living

Forming the interior and exterior canvas of a home is its architecture. Expert interior designers draw unique inspiration from the construction, conceptualisation, and structure of a building. The intermingling of architectural space with interior design informs how a floorplan is drawn up. What some forget, however, is that a home should be conceived with its inhabitants in mind. Families forge their own routines, lifestyles, movements, and have their own particular needs. While considering the overarching aesthetic and design elements of interior design, interior designers are also subject to the space and those living in it. A successful design relies on accounting for all these elements.


What Are the Other Elements of Interior Design?

Gorgeous Interior Spaces

More than the visual elements of interior design, such as tailoring the furniture, how the home is finished, and how the architecture complements the design, is the service provided by the interior designer. A skilful interior designer will compose a symphony of visual virtuosity alongside exceptional service. Without dedicated design service, uncompromising quality and above all, client satisfaction, any project could disintegrate.

Mark Alexander is a supremely talented interior designer who has grown his sui generis style into an inspired oeuvre. Through his creative genius and dedication to customer service excellence, he has become known as a distinctive and noteworthy Australian interior designer and luxury furniture craftsman.

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