Is There a Difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator?

It’s easy to mix up interior designers and interior decorators, but there is a significant difference between interior designers and decorators. You wouldn’t want to start the process of designing the interior of your home, only to find out that it will be decorated with sourced furnishings that aren’t personalised for you. The result would not only be uninspiring but also lacking in substance.

Many people call themselves interior designers when they are in fact interior decorators. Mass produced furnishings and accessories have a place in homes, but not for anyone after the unique luxury and expertise only a true designer can offer. Interior design is rooted in the desire to capture more than a fleeting trend; it is instead the dedication to both the client, the craft, and the furnishings to deliver hand crafted, indulgent designs.

What Is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer has more than an affinity for well-lit furniture stores. A professional interior designer seeks a deeper understanding of their client to reflect their personality and deepest desires throughout their home. An interior designer will start by meeting with you to get an idea of who you are, your needs, and your personal style. And your needs reach further than a list of ready-made furniture to fill your home with. Your needs relate to the space you live in, your lifestyle, your family, and your character. It is only through understanding you that an interior designer can imbue your home with that which will truly speak to your individuality, rather than the run of the mill high-street look.

What Is an Interior Decorator?

An interior decorator, at first glance, may appear to offer a very similar service to that of an interior designer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. An interior decorator is more akin to a personal shopper and home stylist. They will source products and put them together in your home in a visually pleasing way.

But sourcing furniture and decorative elements doesn’t work in all situations. You may not find your authentic taste, personality and needs understood. While your home will achieve a particular aesthetic, the existing space might be beautified, but lack the warmth that comes from something that is expertly and passionately personalised for you. Your sofas might be trendy, but do they actually fit your home, lifestyle, and your personality? More importantly, do you know the quality of the furnishings that are being put into your home?

What Should You Expect From an Interior Designer?

Working with a good interior designer should be like meeting up with an old friend after a long time apart. They should understand you and understand furniture artistry. A professional interior designer will pull your personal style and needs out of the ether and into your home, creating a unique artistic space for your family to enjoy.

What an interior designer does:

  • Get to know what you need and like
  • Measure up your home to perfect your floor plan
  • Provide you with drawings and thorough presentations to clearly illustrate the design vision
  • Work with architects and interior architects to achieve the perfect canvas for your furnishings
  • Know the relevant Australian building codes and standards
  • Create a lighting design to match the interior design
  • Design and manufacture custom, high-quality furniture for your home
  • Achieve an inimitable aesthetic in your home
  • Manage the design, production, and installation of the entire project

Mark Alexander Design Artistry goes above and beyond what is considered the industry normal. When you work with us you can expect incredible service, as well as carefully designed and expertly crafted interiors and furniture pieces that have been personally created for you.

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